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About Trudylines

Trudy Lines is a cultural leader of our time whose human canvases have visited every curve of our earth.

Born, raised, and educated in Austria, Trudy Lines now keeps her home at BANG BANG in New York City. The years before her arrival to Grand Street saw classrooms, corner chairs, and countries.

How it started…

Trudy studied at both the High Technical Institute For Graphic and Communication Design and The University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her time in study of art history and graphic design shaped how she interacts with art today. As a student of architecture, sculpture, modern art, illustration, and the renaissance and gothic eras, Trudy is ever an artist populating her work with influences from her lived time capsule.

After her studies, Trudy began an intense apprenticeship at Tattoo Art Vienna in 2012. It was during this year that Trudy treaded in observation, absorbing the craft, and eventually performing her first piece: A Tic Tac Toe.

Several years later, Trudy set sail. She travelled across Indonesia to Oceania, through the United States to Central America, and throughout South America. Machine in hand.

It is about the PEOPLE

Today, Trudy has graduated, establishing herself as one of the most prominent artists in Tattoo, and accepting her role as Lead Tattoo Artist at BANG BANG. She has collaborated with global fashion companies, grammy nominated artists, and the world’s leading cosmetic company. Trudy maintains an exclusive client list of the most recognizable persons on earth which includes athletes, actors, musicians, and business executives. But beyond their professions Trudy’s clients inspire. They are the gamechangers of today, shifting culture while decorated in ink by Trudy. Trudy also holds space to usher in first timers, recently completing a first tattoo on a 76 year old. Not only does Trudy travel the world, her art does as well, and on the most mobile of canvases, the human body.

With a mountain of accolades, Trudy finds herself in a constant state of evolution. Her style is anchored in collaboration without compromise, constantly pursuing new elements with enthusiasm. Having mastered smoke, detailed lines, realism, abstract, geometric shapes, color mixtures, and black and grey, Trudy’s past canvasses are celebrations of art without boundaries.

It is about ART

“It’s popular today, to be defined by a style. But, being defined by a singular style is too restrictive, and restrictions have no place in art. Tattoo for me, is an arena for the bold.”

In her first decade, Trudy has completed over 2,500 tattoos, tattooed in over 15 countries, and had held desired guest spots in over 35 countries.

Even with this resume, she continues, using art as a vehicle for the spread of community and kindness to create not only art, but a world without boundaries.

Written by Richie Crowley